White Diamond


Liz Taylor, in my book, is Hollywood Royalty. She grew up gracefully on screen and made the most of her life, how many people can say that! She was married 8 times to 7 men, each wedding more lavish then the next. For all her looks, view the slide show here. Some of the non-tradition highlights? She wore green and yellow, a modest suit and an outlandish fur coat!

I’ve only slept with men I’ve been married to. How many women can make that claim?

Elizabeth Taylor, February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011



I Do! x 14

Happy belated Valentine’s Day loves!


What did I do on Valentine’s Day? Just read here, here, and here. And no I wasn’t one of the the couples haha! While that was a long and VERY eventful day, I spent the weekend before doing all sorts of Valentine’s Day inspired things with my Valentine around LI and NYC. Including a new restaurant called Swallow in Huntington.

OMG, it was the most amazingly delicious food I had in a while. We met the chef and his wife who I think own it and they were lovely. The whole experience was just fun and enjoyable. It was the first place that was BYOB, that I actually brought my own and decided that I would be going back very soon. The calimari comes in a to-go container but there will be none to take home I can assure you of that one. I also love that there is only 20 seats. It makes it feel exclusive without breaking the bank.

Here’s a pic of that calamari from their Facebook page, go check them out! It’s so delicious!

Well I’m off for another exciting work day, which seems to fill most of my days. I wish I could blog more and keep up with the blogosphere but my days are filled from morning till night almost everyday! But I think I will have some goodies to post soon!




Rockabilly Love

Yup. Wanda Jackson is 73 but man, can she sing! She recently released an album with White Stripes front man Jack White and it’s awesome, if you’re into that sort of thing. I like all music, except country and Christian rock… but that’s a story for a different day. Some might feel like the Jackson album, The Party Ain’t Over is country, it’s more of a rockabilly, rock, bluegrass fusion. AND IT ROCKS.

But, I wouldn’t leave ya with just a video, did you know that rockabilly weddings are pretty popular? I mean who wouldn’t want to show up to their wedding in a 65′ Caddy convertible?!

This wedding found on Ruffled is super rockabilly and a little punk rock too! I love the detail on her shirt, reminds me of a Cowboy in those old westerns my dad makes me watch.

Look at those cuties!! I know this is tagged on Green Wedding Shoes with rockabilly, but I’m not 100% sure what makes a wedding fit that description.

In my opinion, it probably needs one of 3 things…

Cowboy Boots

Vintage Wheels

Pin Curls, Hair Gel, and Tats

Hehe. That last was made it 5, but hey the more the merrier! Hope you’re having a smashing week so far. Mine has been really busy and really exciting! We’re supposed to get hit with more snow tomorrow but stay dry and warm!



Crunch Time

You know exactly what I mean don’t you.

It’s that time again, the time every college student dreads, finals! Honestly this is probably one of my easiest since freshman year, but it probably just feels that way. I am excited to be finished with this semester because next semester all my classes pertain to my major and not to mention my internship! Which is near to the Topshop Manhattan store… yup my wallet is in trouble.

I don’t talk much about honeymoons on here because well, if I plan weddings I don’t have much to do with the honeymoon, so what do I do? Dream about mine of course. Now after typing the word two times, I am dying to know where it comes from, it is a rather funny word. I did some research and by research I mean I looked up in Wikipedia the etymology of the word “honeymoon”. It comes from a tradition where the Indian elite would do a bridal tour after their marriage.

Interesting! Well, if any of you know me I often say my next adventure across the Atlantic would be to Iceland. I think it is so amazing and beautiful. If you don’t believe me just look at these honeymoon shots from OMG I’m Getting Married. April 8th, 2012 Edit: These photographs are originally found on the photographer’s website from an article posted September 8th, 2010, here.

That view is to die for! I could just imagine how pretty it looks in real life. You have to check out the other pictures, while I’m not loving her hair, her use of teal shoes is awesome, definitely one of my favorite colors!

I really wanted to show you a picture of my Christmas tree in my room but last night it toppled over and it broke 4 ornaments! I was super bummed especially since I had to clean it up, but hopefully I will upload some images of it in a couple of days! I also have an exciting how-to (yay crafts) for you guys too in the upcoming weeks! This is one of my favorite times of the year! What are your plans for the winter? Do you have any exciting traditions?


8 Crazy Nights!

Happy Hanukkah!

Today marks a very early start to Hanukkah! And that means, 25 days till Christmas! I celebrate Christmas but my boyfriend is Jewish and he celebrates Hanukkah, I don’t get do anything this year with him but I am all about celebrations. Lets be serious I wouldn’t want to be a wedding planner if I didn’t love me any reason to celebrate!

I have recently been checking out some design blogs, especially since in less than 6 months I could possibly be decorating my own little abode. On design*sponge I found these ridiculous chairs.

How cute would a little white kitchenette table with four different colors of these Pantone folding chairs around it?

Apartment 34 is an adorable little mish-mash of design, wedding, and fashion! I love it all, they are featuring such great little dresses today!

They make me so happy, the whole Ivy&Aster website is insane. They are sold in some stores in Manhattan, I would love to go check out them!

What do you celebrate?! Do you celebrate both holidays or anything at all? What are you’re favorite traditions, latkes, or Christmas cookies?

Hope you have a wonderful start to the month!


For What It’s Worth

Ever have one of those weeks?

Yeah me too. That is why I have been on a bit of an unexpected hiatus. To make a long, boring story short I waiting to long to start some projects, worked myself into a complete tizzy and ended up sick in bed for a few days.

Learned my lesson there!

So what did I miss blog world? It seems that everyone is posting their gift guides and their holiday wishlists! We haven’t even carved the turkey (or Tofurky) yet!

I found this engagement shoot to be ADORABLE but a bit cruel seeing as I couldn’t eat anything but crackers for the whole weekend. I could really go for a slice of that pizza, doesn’t get any better than in NY, am I right?

I found this site, Ban.do, via Rock n’ Roll Bride, which sells all sorts of whimsical hair accessories and also some for your shoes! I love the little yellow pom poms shoe clips, what a great way to update your plain shoes? You could definitely spice up some bridesmaid shoes with these guys and even give them each their own personal flair!

I’m sure I would have found a infinite more treasures but my nose was buried in my Marketing book for the past week, I promise to be back more often, especially since I know there will be lots of fun stuff to discover over the holidays!

And for what its worth, stressing out over papers, projects and schoolwork, is in fact not worth it. Much better to be late, well-written and healthy that rushed, poorly written, and sick!

What are everyone’s plans for break? I am planning on a whole lot of nothing, and catching up on missed Glee episodes! Hurray for a Glee wedding!

Ohh Domino!

Who doesn’t love a little Van Morrison to start the day off?

Although I prefer Moondance, Domino was more fitting. Oof I also didn’t realize that Van was not such a hottie in his day.

Not much to update today, except for the fact that I am super excited for this weekend! Despite the fact that I will be cooped up in the library all weekend finishing up a bunch of projects due on Monday.

Adorable post on Apartment 34 featuring cake toppers, it is the simplest of details that really push a wedding from good to great. Being detail oriented is an important skill to have when you want to be an event planner, it’s kind of like domino’s, as soon as the wedding starts, all the dominoes have to fall or else there will be a hold up, like in this video:

The kid is kind of cute though.

Here is an insane wedding dress on a shoot from Rebekah Westover Photography that I found on Rock n’ Roll Bride. It is so beautiful I want to scream! I love the collar, it’s very traditional in a non-traditional way… does that make sense?

Well I am off to get some work done so this weekend isn’t a complete bust, but only 1 week until Thanksgiving, which means good food and no school aka relaxation time! What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I am working that night so I am going out to dinner with my family earlier in the day, hey- as long as there is food involved I don’t care where I am!

Something to do: At Hofstra? Need to practice your networking skills? The Hofstra PRSSA’s Networking Dinner is tonight at 7pm! The committee worked super hard to put this together and there is always a great turn out of students and professionals. See you then!