Lilla Bello

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the new Lilla Bello studio at Bergamot Station.

Not only was the party ridiculously fun (photo-booth anyone?), the food was delicious and the DJ was non-stop awesome. That’s not all, I got to meet a bunch of really great people in the industry! Yep- that’s right- I’m making progress on my mission to bust into the wedding industry. Here are some images from the Lilla Bello website, they are known for their peony bouquet. I love the simplicity of this bouquet but some how it still screams elegance.

Isn’t it amazing what they do with creams and whites? Not only are their arrangements amazing, but the studio is so funky and fresh. Another bonus- it smelled like a dream. I’m so glad I got to attend such a great event!

Check out some more designs from Lilla Bello and other designers from Charley at Bluebell Events, here.

Saturday To-Do Lists

On Saturday’s I always wake up and make my mental to-do list for the rest of the weekend. This weeks seems extra long, probably has something to do with the well-known conspiracy that all professors plan to assign all work the week before Thanksgiving. You are unaware of this?  Well it is proven in really obscure statistical data somewhere really hard to find.

Anyway, since I have a lot on my plate I thought I would give you a to-do list, er.. well some stuff to check out.

  • This article on Always A Blogsmaid, the blog for the NYC based wedding planning agency Always a Bridesmaid. It is some tips for aspiring wedding planning professionals. Gotta love the down-to-earth and the “tell ’em like it is” attitude in the article.
  • You must go check out this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. It is a super unique with a very homemade feel. At first I thought the dress was a little way asymmetrical but the more I look at it  the more I like it.

I kept your to-do list much shorter than mine so hop to it! Plus this one is much more entertaining and believe you me much more fun to complete than mine will be!