Oh Hoppy Day!

A few weeks ago, I took this picture of groceries to show Jeremy what I got… yeah, you know you do weird stuff too! And I thought my Keds were getting a little rough around the edges, I mean my toe was practically popping a hole on top. I looked around and couldn’t find anything as cute as the pink ones. I don’t really like to order things offline so when I saw the navy polka dot Keds at Madewell, it was sneaker love at first sight!

It was such a good choice too! I hadn’t been able to wear them until this afternoon when Jeremy and I walked around Santa Monica, got salads and sat at the beach. They make me so happy when I look at my feet, isn’t that all that matters?

On a side note, this weekend was pretty great! After such a rough week (40-hours-on-my-feet-busy-as-heck-super-under-staffed-retail-craziness) I went a little crazy, last night at In-N-Out with my friend Emily.

Particularly rough weeks call for animal style fries. They are ridiculous and well worth the gazillion calories. Cheese, grilled onion & 1000 island dressing. Oy. Thank goodness for fresh local ingredients or else I would be feeling quite guilty. Moving to more of a guiltless pleasure…

To finish off this beautiful California Easter Sunday, we made a pit stop at Yogurtland. The mochi on top of the frozen yogurt. 🙂



A few weeks back me and Jeremy went to Malibu which is about 15 miles up the Pacific coast. It’s a very picturesque place, in fact a lot of commercials are filmed on that large rock where people were rock climbing. We went for a quick hike on the trails at Point Dume, I thought it was pretty funny to call it Point DOOM. Ha, haaa… no, no one else thinks it’s funny? Okay.

After a strenuous 30 minute hike, Jeremy and I hit up Malibu Seafood. Which has some pretty great clam chowder, now I say pretty good because I grew up on Cape Cod clam chowdah and NOTHING beats clam chowdah from Cape Cod.

I love being in LA but getting out and taking an adventure or working the few weddings outside of LA is fun. I enjoy seeing the different way of life and scenery. Oh and the fancy cars! Do you like exploring or adventuring? If that’s even a word… regardless what places have you discovered and what were your favorite- are they near or far?