Huntington, NY

Yes Yes, I’m still in Los Angeles! I just decided it would be fun to post about places I’ve been in no particular order, rhyme, or reason.

Taken in Huntington, NY and altered with Instagram

I could have sworn I had been to Huntington before I met my boyfriend and my friends from the area but I couldn’t figure out where, until recently we passed the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery! I went there when I was a little girl and I still remember the awful smell of fish that seemed to stay with me for days.

Huntington as I know it is on Main Street where there are all types of shops and restaurants that are great for nights out or just a quick bite with friends. Here are my favorite hot spots.

  • Swallow– I did a post about this restaurant in February, their calamari is insane! It’s quiet, dark and intimate. Particularly a great date spot! When we were going it was BYOB and their desserts were phenom.
  • F.H. Riley’s– I went once with my boyfriend’s parents when he was studying in London. It has a sport’s bar feel with out the urge to down a plate of  chicken wings. I suggest the Autumn Harvest salad, the sweet potato croutons are to DIE FOR.
  • Munday’s– Now, I don’t LOVE Munday’s, I think the atmosphere is kind of off, they have a good idea, 50s malt shop-type feel but it’s not executed right. They have GIANT flat screens that just rotate pictures of people’s faces REALLY close up. Also, I felt both times I was there that I was bothering the servers by being there.
  • T.J. Finley’s– I liked my food here, but I can’t exactly remember what I got. I know my friend’s got cheese steaks that were really delicious. The outside patio is great but only if they are playing music, otherwise you feel like you are disturbing  the old couple next to you.

Those are my picks! Have you ever been to Huntington? I love it’s small-town feel in the middle of big box stores and shopping malls in Long Island.



I Do! x 14

Happy belated Valentine’s Day loves!


What did I do on Valentine’s Day? Just read here, here, and here. And no I wasn’t one of the the couples haha! While that was a long and VERY eventful day, I spent the weekend before doing all sorts of Valentine’s Day inspired things with my Valentine around LI and NYC. Including a new restaurant called Swallow in Huntington.

OMG, it was the most amazingly delicious food I had in a while. We met the chef and his wife who I think own it and they were lovely. The whole experience was just fun and enjoyable. It was the first place that was BYOB, that I actually brought my own and decided that I would be going back very soon. The calimari comes in a to-go container but there will be none to take home I can assure you of that one. I also love that there is only 20 seats. It makes it feel exclusive without breaking the bank.

Here’s a pic of that calamari from their Facebook page, go check them out! It’s so delicious!

Well I’m off for another exciting work day, which seems to fill most of my days. I wish I could blog more and keep up with the blogosphere but my days are filled from morning till night almost everyday! But I think I will have some goodies to post soon!