In The Kitch: 17 Bean Veggie Soup and Peppers

Guys, this is a seriously good recipe. Fairly easy… well kind of easy but kind of hard. It requires a lot of chopping and can opening at certain times and if you forget you have to rush to get the ingredients in, that’s kind of why the cherry tomatoes look way less cooked in that pic. Woops. So that mixture turns into these puppies:

Cous Cous Stuffed Peppers via Epicurious. I grew up with every cooking magazine known to man, Cooking Light, Bon Apptit, and even Cooking Illustrated which you can probably subscribe to but my mom and I always picked it up at the supermarket because of all the great techniques.

Whats with the 17 bean and veggie soup you ask? Well Jeremy didn’t want to have a photo shoot accompanying his dish but I snapped a quick one in the process.

Are you impressed with the 17 beans part? Well you shouldn’t be we bought them in a pack at Trader Joes because they didn’t have lentils. There is no way I would go out and buy 17 different beans! It was a pretty delicious soup but pretty thick since we didn’t have enough broth… we’re fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants type of cooks.

What have you cooked up lately? Soups are our favorite in the winter but the stuffed peppers are a go-to when we want something that looks impressive but isn’t really. Hehe.