It’s Getting Real

So if you haven’t seen this video yet you are probably freaking out about how genius and amazing it is. Too much? When I moved out to LA I finally got to frequent a Whole Foods. There are 3 within 4 miles of my apartment and walking distance to one from work and one from my apartment. Hofstra was located sort of close but it would have to be a special occasion or reason to make the trek. Let me tell you it gets real in all of the Whole Foods parking lots I’ve been to. So naturally I freaked out when DJ Dave showed up at work.

Usually photography is not permitted in the store, but I could not let this opportunity pass me by. By far the coolest celeb I’ve met in LA. I was the epitome of a fangirl. Sorry Dave! They have a few other videos and a new one coming out soon, which I’m very excited about! I know they’ve preformed around LA so I can only hope they do again soon so I can go out and support them.

Who have you met that you just couldn’t believe? How did you react!? Sissy Spacek was also really cool to meet. She is the sweetest!