blue jeans & life decsions

jeans: Levi’s, t-shirt: J.Crew, kicks: Madewell, cardigan: American Apparel

Sorry I’ve been a little m-i-a. It’s been an up and down type of couple of weeks. In fact I feel like my entire life since graduation has been up and down, as I get closer to the “scary” one year mark of being post grad,  I’ve been trying to figure out what and where I’m supposed to be and do.

I guess when I graduated and moved to California I have all these visions and ideals of how it “should” be and how I “should” be starting my career. When that didn’t go exactly how I imagined it would, I kind of panicked. And by “kind-of” I mean I went on a totally melodramatic rant/fit. Hey- sometimes a gal’s gotta cry it out, and that’s OK.

So while I sort of have an idea of what I want my career and life to look like something could change tomorrow and I’ll have another worry. The moral of the story is the live for today. Which is where I’m trying to focus my energy on the “right now”, as a constant worry-er I know this will be hard.

Btw- the pic above was taken on a particularly cloudy day in Santa Monica. Jeremy and I walked up and down the promenade until we decided we needed some sandwiches. My new blue jeans and white tee seems to be my weekend uniform, I could live in this outfit if it were socially acceptable.

Have you made any big life decisions lately? How did you handle it?



All In A Days Work

Have you ever wanted an item of clothing so bad you were willing to drive 40 miles round trip to get it? No- oh that’s just me… Well this is how the story goes: Girl walks in to J.Crew with one Elizabeth & James blouse, Girl covets said blouse. I go online see it is sold out on Nordstrom’s and still $230+ on other sites. Go to Nordstrom to try to locate it, it’s been “racked”. Locate THE LAST SMALL IN ALL OF NORDSTROMS at Topanga’s Nordstrom Rack. She drives her little caboose up there so fast (but still drive the speed limit) and frantically and successfully tracks down the blouse. Bonus: The blouse which has tiny dice on it was marked down to $74.95. Win.

Blouse: Elizabeth & James Blazer: Nordstrom Bottoms: Madewell Wedges: J.Crew Tote: Rebecca Minkoff

This is one of my favorite style of tops, the tie is so reminiscent of a more simple time where women left their decolletage to the imagination if you know what I mean! I don’t generally get to sport an outfit that isn’t solely comprised from J.Crew so I jumped to document it. I’d love to post some cute outfits more frequently.

What items are you lusting after this spring? Colored denim, bold prints, & sherbert colors are catching my eye the most!

Oh Hoppy Day!

A few weeks ago, I took this picture of groceries to show Jeremy what I got… yeah, you know you do weird stuff too! And I thought my Keds were getting a little rough around the edges, I mean my toe was practically popping a hole on top. I looked around and couldn’t find anything as cute as the pink ones. I don’t really like to order things offline so when I saw the navy polka dot Keds at Madewell, it was sneaker love at first sight!

It was such a good choice too! I hadn’t been able to wear them until this afternoon when Jeremy and I walked around Santa Monica, got salads and sat at the beach. They make me so happy when I look at my feet, isn’t that all that matters?

On a side note, this weekend was pretty great! After such a rough week (40-hours-on-my-feet-busy-as-heck-super-under-staffed-retail-craziness) I went a little crazy, last night at In-N-Out with my friend Emily.

Particularly rough weeks call for animal style fries. They are ridiculous and well worth the gazillion calories. Cheese, grilled onion & 1000 island dressing. Oy. Thank goodness for fresh local ingredients or else I would be feeling quite guilty. Moving to more of a guiltless pleasure…

To finish off this beautiful California Easter Sunday, we made a pit stop at Yogurtland. The mochi on top of the frozen yogurt. 🙂