signs of summer

1. maxi dresses

2. home made guacamole

3. the beach

4. ciao bella belgium chocolate gelato

5. white skinnies

What are you most excited for this summer? I love that it stays lighter out longer, more time to enjoy the sun!


Unique LA

Yesterday, Jeremy and I went to Unique LA at The California Market Center in Downtown LA. It was gorgeous out, the sun really impressed me today and so did the craft fair. There were 300+ local vendors, selling everything from jewelry to hot sauce. We tired ourselves right out walking up and down the aisles, you could seriously get lost in there! I snapped some pics of some of the particularly cool things, but there were countless booths full of awesome treasures!

Who doesn’t love a good bow-tie? The well-dress dudes running the Pocket Square Clothing booth had their bow-ties very nicely displayed.

This vendor had little cut outs to take pics with, I just thought they were really cute! So did the little girls in front of me, they were picking them up and kissing them. Ha!

I made a purchase at Kyyote, Amanda makes all the intricate jewelry by hand and in LA. Props. Her stuff is beautiful and she was one of the most friendly shop owners, double props! I will definitely be making another purchase from her shop, her stuff is very beautiful!

My last stop was Favor based out of Portland. Really simple and lovely stuff. I picked up a ring here to go with another tiny ring I already have. Stacking is all the rage apparently, and it’s fun to mix and match. I really enjoyed walking around in this cool space and seeing all the different type of artists. I’m really looking forward to the Holiday Show in the fall!

What did you do this weekend? Spend it with you mom, or are you far apart like I am with my mom?

Mother’s Day

In my book, everyday should be mother’s day. They sure do a lot for us. I’m lucky to be blessed with one of the best moms around, she is my rock even when she can’t find her keys and provides crisis counseling when I need it the most. We’ve been through a lot in my almost 23 years of life, cooking, shopping, sitting on the beach or sitting on the porch, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone more fun to share those awesome experiences with. I love you Mama Bear!

Here is a recent picture of us outside The Rose Cafe in Venice. My mom sporting a super blonde ‘do. Now no one has to ask if we are mother and daughter, they just know!

I hope everyone has a lovely Mother’s Day, anyone have some fun brunch plans?

It’s Getting Real

So if you haven’t seen this video yet you are probably freaking out about how genius and amazing it is. Too much? When I moved out to LA I finally got to frequent a Whole Foods. There are 3 within 4 miles of my apartment and walking distance to one from work and one from my apartment. Hofstra was located sort of close but it would have to be a special occasion or reason to make the trek. Let me tell you it gets real in all of the Whole Foods parking lots I’ve been to. So naturally I freaked out when DJ Dave showed up at work.

Usually photography is not permitted in the store, but I could not let this opportunity pass me by. By far the coolest celeb I’ve met in LA. I was the epitome of a fangirl. Sorry Dave! They have a few other videos and a new one coming out soon, which I’m very excited about! I know they’ve preformed around LA so I can only hope they do again soon so I can go out and support them.

Who have you met that you just couldn’t believe? How did you react!? Sissy Spacek was also really cool to meet. She is the sweetest!


Tar Pits and M83

Last night I saw M83 with Jeremy and some friends who just moved out to Los Angeles.

Amazing, amazing, amazing show.

It was at Club Nokia which is right near the Staples Center and Nokia Theater, so basically the place was swarmed with Lakers fans, Rick Ross groupies (no disrespect) and the very mixed crowed going to see M83… Usually you see a very general type in the crowed but there was so many different type of people at this show, including a huge crowd of frat brothers in front of me… again no, disrespect but like- YOU’RE ALL 6ft TALL. I CAN’T SEE OVER YOUR FIST PUMPS.

Okay- now that I got that out of my system, yesterday was actually a super beautiful day which made me feel super in love with Los Angeles. I drove a friend to pick up his car and we decided to kill time at the La Brea Tar Pits…

The tar pits are adjacent to LACMA so we walked around some more… such a cool little area within the heart of LA. I can’t wait to come back here in the summer, although I imagine the smell of tar is way worse in the hotter months.

Since we partied pretty hard last night (ha ha) I’m keeping it low-key for the rest of the weekend, although I have to work tomorrow during the day. Have you ever been to the tar pits in Los Angeles? I think it’s so random that there is just this prehistoric area in the middle of a lot of hustle and bustle!

Monday, Monday.

(nail polish cred: essie’s Cocktail Bling)

Some of you might think that when you spill the entire pot of coffee when pouring it means you’re going to have a pretty awful day. And although at times this might have driven me to tears and sent me in a frenzy back to bed where it is safe and warm. It is however, Monday! What would Monday be with out a bit of a rocky start?

My weekend was pretty low key which is exactly what I wanted! On Friday, Jeremy and I went to City Tavern in Culver City with a friend from work and her beau. First of all the beers on tap are INSANE. Like, a ton, of options. I stuck with a tasting of a cider cause it was called Pink Beauty… I pick my beers based on their names because the next one I got was called Ladyface… don’t hate.

Sorry the pic is a bit blurry but dang, that was a good burger! I had to share it with you, look at the giant onion ring! Okay okay enough about the burger. What did you do (or eat) this weekend?


A few weeks back me and Jeremy went to Malibu which is about 15 miles up the Pacific coast. It’s a very picturesque place, in fact a lot of commercials are filmed on that large rock where people were rock climbing. We went for a quick hike on the trails at Point Dume, I thought it was pretty funny to call it Point DOOM. Ha, haaa… no, no one else thinks it’s funny? Okay.

After a strenuous 30 minute hike, Jeremy and I hit up Malibu Seafood. Which has some pretty great clam chowder, now I say pretty good because I grew up on Cape Cod clam chowdah and NOTHING beats clam chowdah from Cape Cod.

I love being in LA but getting out and taking an adventure or working the few weddings outside of LA is fun. I enjoy seeing the different way of life and scenery. Oh and the fancy cars! Do you like exploring or adventuring? If that’s even a word… regardless what places have you discovered and what were your favorite- are they near or far?