blue jeans & life decsions

jeans: Levi’s, t-shirt: J.Crew, kicks: Madewell, cardigan: American Apparel

Sorry I’ve been a little m-i-a. It’s been an up and down type of couple of weeks. In fact I feel like my entire life since graduation has been up and down, as I get closer to the “scary” one year mark of being post grad,  I’ve been trying to figure out what and where I’m supposed to be and do.

I guess when I graduated and moved to California I have all these visions and ideals of how it “should” be and how I “should” be starting my career. When that didn’t go exactly how I imagined it would, I kind of panicked. And by “kind-of” I mean I went on a totally melodramatic rant/fit. Hey- sometimes a gal’s gotta cry it out, and that’s OK.

So while I sort of have an idea of what I want my career and life to look like something could change tomorrow and I’ll have another worry. The moral of the story is the live for today. Which is where I’m trying to focus my energy on the “right now”, as a constant worry-er I know this will be hard.

Btw- the pic above was taken on a particularly cloudy day in Santa Monica. Jeremy and I walked up and down the promenade until we decided we needed some sandwiches. My new blue jeans and white tee seems to be my weekend uniform, I could live in this outfit if it were socially acceptable.

Have you made any big life decisions lately? How did you handle it?




A Little Revamping

Sometimes one must revamp, rearrange, readjust, or put simply change things up a bit.

Instead of just blogging about weddings, I’m going to just blog. Blog about whatever I want when I want. If I want to blog about weddings, then I will but if I want to blog about a delicious dinner I had, then I’ll post that too!

A little birdie might have tipped you off that I graduated! It was a long, fun, and insane four years and I wouldn’t have done anything different! It is scary but exciting to be starting a new chapter in my life. It is going to be a bumpy next few months!

I interned last semester at The Knot for their PR team and it was a really challenging, but in a good way. I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of a career. It seems like a lot for just 4 short months but commuting in and out of the city 3x a week makes a girl think!

This and two visits to Los Angeles made me realize that NYC, while amazing, is not right for me now. So in a few weeks I’m packing up my little Jetta and me and my boyfriend are heading west! Hence why I need to redirect focus for this blog. I want to own more of it and hopefully practice my writing.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some book reviews, and my  love for my Nook!