Rockabilly Love

Yup. Wanda Jackson is 73 but man, can she sing! She recently released an album with White Stripes front man Jack White and it’s awesome, if you’re into that sort of thing. I like all music, except country and Christian rock… but that’s a story for a different day. Some might feel like the Jackson album, The Party Ain’t Over is country, it’s more of a rockabilly, rock, bluegrass fusion. AND IT ROCKS.

But, I wouldn’t leave ya with just a video, did you know that rockabilly weddings are pretty popular? I mean who wouldn’t want to show up to their wedding in a 65′ Caddy convertible?!

This wedding found on Ruffled is super rockabilly and a little punk rock too! I love the detail on her shirt, reminds me of a Cowboy in those old westerns my dad makes me watch.

Look at those cuties!! I know this is tagged on Green Wedding Shoes with rockabilly, but I’m not 100% sure what makes a wedding fit that description.

In my opinion, it probably needs one of 3 things…

Cowboy Boots

Vintage Wheels

Pin Curls, Hair Gel, and Tats

Hehe. That last was made it 5, but hey the more the merrier! Hope you’re having a smashing week so far. Mine has been really busy and really exciting! We’re supposed to get hit with more snow tomorrow but stay dry and warm!