a week’s end

Isn’t it funny that the weekend is really the end and the beginning of a week? I know it isn’t everywhere but it makes me giggle, probably because my “weekends” never really fall on Saturday or Sunday. The glory/downfall of working in retail is that you’re weekend might fall on a Monday and Tuesdays or it might be a Friday and Wednesday. The glory is that if I want to go shopping it’s rarely busy and parking is a breeze. The downfall is sometimes I have to be up at 8am and can stay out too late then night before when everyone else wants to.

Since I got a rare Saturday/Sunday off Jeremy and I decided to drive down to Newport Beach. We read in the sun, zoomed around on bicycles and ate frozen bananas. There is a ferry that takes you from Balboa to Balboa Island, basically and retirement community for the uber rich- but they had a candy store with loads of salt-water taffy, so I was happy.

Today we stayed low key and walked around Silverlake with some iced coffees from Intelligentsia (predictable I know) and Jeremy picked up a new record at Vacation Vinyl. I love the shops there and they even added a few new ones.

Very excited, my first music festival is coming up soon, well first one outside of Albany. All in all it was nice to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy beaches and brunch goers this weekend. Sorted all my cleaning and practiced my ukulele- what more can you ask for in a weekend?

What did you do this weekend?