Crunch Time

You know exactly what I mean don’t you.

It’s that time again, the time every college student dreads, finals! Honestly this is probably one of my easiest since freshman year, but it probably just feels that way. I am excited to be finished with this semester because next semester all my classes pertain to my major and not to mention my internship! Which is near to the Topshop Manhattan store… yup my wallet is in trouble.

I don’t talk much about honeymoons on here because well, if I plan weddings I don’t have much to do with the honeymoon, so what do I do? Dream about mine of course. Now after typing the word two times, I am dying to know where it comes from, it is a rather funny word. I did some research and by research I mean I looked up in Wikipedia the etymology of the word “honeymoon”. It comes from a tradition where the Indian elite would do a bridal tour after their marriage.

Interesting! Well, if any of you know me I often say my next adventure across the Atlantic would be to Iceland. I think it is so amazing and beautiful. If you don’t believe me just look at these honeymoon shots from OMG I’m Getting Married. April 8th, 2012 Edit: These photographs are originally found on the photographer’s website from an article posted September 8th, 2010, here.

That view is to die for! I could just imagine how pretty it looks in real life. You have to check out the other pictures, while I’m not loving her hair, her use of teal shoes is awesome, definitely one of my favorite colors!

I really wanted to show you a picture of my Christmas tree in my room but last night it toppled over and it broke 4 ornaments! I was super bummed especially since I had to clean it up, but hopefully I will upload some images of it in a couple of days! I also have an exciting how-to (yay crafts) for you guys too in the upcoming weeks! This is one of my favorite times of the year! What are your plans for the winter? Do you have any exciting traditions?