Birthday Fun

I had such a lovely birthday! Luckily I have Instagram on my new IPhone to document the fun!

beautiful flowers from my beau.

princess-inspired birthday cake from my mom.

relaxing poolside, despite overcast skies.

a bar that give you free pizza with every pint.

Aren’t birthdays fun? I hope 22 lives up to 21!


Summer Bucket List

The other night, I asked one of my best friends, Eddie, if he wanted to go to the farmer’s market with me. We became friends when we spend many nights closing up shop at the restaurant we worked at together. It’s funny how fast you make friends while sweeping floors and scraping grilles.

Going to the farmer’s market  isn’t necessarily something he would want to do so I was shocked when he told me that it was on his summer bucket list! I thought that a summer bucket list was a pretty clever idea so I complied a little list for myself!

  • blow bubbles
  • buy flowers at a farmer’s market
  • drink a root beer float at a roadside ice cream shop
  • watch fire works
  • bike ride with a friend
  • have a picnic
  • visit several states
  • graceland
  • find an apartment (that I can afford)
  • find a job (that I love)
  • go to a concert

Let’s see what I can get through during this hectic and crazy summer! What’s on your summer bucket list? Are you going on any trips or vacations? I can’t wait to drive cross-country!