For What It’s Worth

Ever have one of those weeks?

Yeah me too. That is why I have been on a bit of an unexpected hiatus. To make a long, boring story short I waiting to long to start some projects, worked myself into a complete tizzy and ended up sick in bed for a few days.

Learned my lesson there!

So what did I miss blog world? It seems that everyone is posting their gift guides and their holiday wishlists! We haven’t even carved the turkey (or Tofurky) yet!

I found this engagement shoot to be ADORABLE but a bit cruel seeing as I couldn’t eat anything but crackers for the whole weekend. I could really go for a slice of that pizza, doesn’t get any better than in NY, am I right?

I found this site,, via Rock n’ Roll Bride, which sells all sorts of whimsical hair accessories and also some for your shoes! I love the little yellow pom poms shoe clips, what a great way to update your plain shoes? You could definitely spice up some bridesmaid shoes with these guys and even give them each their own personal flair!

I’m sure I would have found a infinite more treasures but my nose was buried in my Marketing book for the past week, I promise to be back more often, especially since I know there will be lots of fun stuff to discover over the holidays!

And for what its worth, stressing out over papers, projects and schoolwork, is in fact not worth it. Much better to be late, well-written and healthy that rushed, poorly written, and sick!

What are everyone’s plans for break? I am planning on a whole lot of nothing, and catching up on missed Glee episodes! Hurray for a Glee wedding!