Priscilla Of Boston


If you’re a wedding junkie like me, you already know that Priscilla of Boston is closing their doors after 65 years of creating magic for the brides that wore them. I always viewed the brand as preppy and chic, I was very lucky to get to work with some of the gowns when I interned at The Knot.

Founded in 1945, Priscilla Kidder opened up shop on Newbury Street in Boston. Have you ever gone shopping on Newbury Street? It is amazing! The brand quickly because synonymous with hyper individualized service.

  • read the complete Priscilla of Boston time line here.
  • read this article from Celebrity Weddings to see who else wore Priscilla of Boston.
  • what to do if you are a current Priscilla Bride via The Knot.

This is one of my favorite gowns by Priscilla of Boston, although it is hard to just pick one. This one I admit is atypical for the generally structured dresses that they feature. But hey, I love me some texture.

This economy is rough on everyone, I am very thankful that it isn’t much worse. I hope despite this sad news September is a great month! It’s the first time I am not worrying about busting out the sweaters and boots. Although I’m told you still get to wear boots in LA.


WANTED: Graduation Dresses

45 days and counting.

Thankfully my good friend Dara is keeping me updated on the countdown, but I have yet to find the perfect dress for graduation. Sure, I have plenty of dresses in my closet that just scream to be worn during a sunny May afternoon, but this isn’t just any May afternoon this is THE afternoon where I finally break free of this endless cycle of term papers and art history slides and trade them for fast paced days and creative event planning.

I found a dress I like on ModCloth, but it is sold out!

The Orlando Blooms dress basically embodies me in a dress, so fail for being sold out. I also found another dress on Asos but its a little too business-y for this joyus occasion, but I might need it anyway…

Have you found the perfect dress yet? I know this isn’t as crucial as that big white dress one buys for their big day, but I think it is still kind of a big deal.

If you need some tips and tricks for buying your graduation, or wedding shower dress, check out this post by my good friend Chelsea. She has tons of information!



8 Crazy Nights!

Happy Hanukkah!

Today marks a very early start to Hanukkah! And that means, 25 days till Christmas! I celebrate Christmas but my boyfriend is Jewish and he celebrates Hanukkah, I don’t get do anything this year with him but I am all about celebrations. Lets be serious I wouldn’t want to be a wedding planner if I didn’t love me any reason to celebrate!

I have recently been checking out some design blogs, especially since in less than 6 months I could possibly be decorating my own little abode. On design*sponge I found these ridiculous chairs.

How cute would a little white kitchenette table with four different colors of these Pantone folding chairs around it?

Apartment 34 is an adorable little mish-mash of design, wedding, and fashion! I love it all, they are featuring such great little dresses today!

They make me so happy, the whole Ivy&Aster website is insane. They are sold in some stores in Manhattan, I would love to go check out them!

What do you celebrate?! Do you celebrate both holidays or anything at all? What are you’re favorite traditions, latkes, or Christmas cookies?

Hope you have a wonderful start to the month!


Ohh Domino!

Who doesn’t love a little Van Morrison to start the day off?

Although I prefer Moondance, Domino was more fitting. Oof I also didn’t realize that Van was not such a hottie in his day.

Not much to update today, except for the fact that I am super excited for this weekend! Despite the fact that I will be cooped up in the library all weekend finishing up a bunch of projects due on Monday.

Adorable post on Apartment 34 featuring cake toppers, it is the simplest of details that really push a wedding from good to great. Being detail oriented is an important skill to have when you want to be an event planner, it’s kind of like domino’s, as soon as the wedding starts, all the dominoes have to fall or else there will be a hold up, like in this video:

The kid is kind of cute though.

Here is an insane wedding dress on a shoot from Rebekah Westover Photography that I found on Rock n’ Roll Bride. It is so beautiful I want to scream! I love the collar, it’s very traditional in a non-traditional way… does that make sense?

Well I am off to get some work done so this weekend isn’t a complete bust, but only 1 week until Thanksgiving, which means good food and no school aka relaxation time! What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I am working that night so I am going out to dinner with my family earlier in the day, hey- as long as there is food involved I don’t care where I am!

Something to do: At Hofstra? Need to practice your networking skills? The Hofstra PRSSA’s Networking Dinner is tonight at 7pm! The committee worked super hard to put this together and there is always a great turn out of students and professionals. See you then!

Congrats Will and Kate!

Did you hear the good news?!?!


That’s right! Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally engaged! I have secretly been waiting anxiously because A) I am a closet tabloid junkie but since I don’t have much time to read them I only catch up on line at the supermarket and B) because have you seen Kate’s style? Homegirl dresses to impress. This wedding is going to have some serious flare, not to mention if it is anything like Diana’s wedding we might be talking wedding of the century, maybe that’s an exaggeration but a girl can dream right?


Have I also mentioned that I love hats? I don’t own any besides the ones that are meant for the artic winters of New York simply because I have no where to wear them to. I also love pill box hats and even some of the flight attendants I saw on my trip to London had some neat looking hats. But I digress, someday hopefully I will have some fabulous enough event to wear a hat!


How insane is her bouquet? That dress has so much tulle, I’m not quite sure how she was able to walk. It is a beautiful dress although not my taste… I guess when you are about to be royalty you have certain guidelines to follow. I wonder if Kate will be in a super traditional dress like Diana wore?

Lets take a look at some other “royal” weddings…


Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, super elegant look, but would you expect anything less from Grace Kelly? Now all I can think of is the MadTV skit. Haha.


JFK and Jackie O. By far my favorite look out of the three brides. I love the off-the-shoulders look and all-American this is, I guess it couldn’t be much else seeing as they were pretty much the closest thing to American royalty.

I love high profile weddings, even though their budgets are astronomical and probably have a guest list pushing 500, if not much more but it makes celebrities look more human, they aren’t just the people we see on TV.

What do you think? Will Prince William and Kate have an extravagant wedding like King Charles and Diana had? Or will she let her own style shine through?




Saturday To-Do Lists

On Saturday’s I always wake up and make my mental to-do list for the rest of the weekend. This weeks seems extra long, probably has something to do with the well-known conspiracy that all professors plan to assign all work the week before Thanksgiving. You are unaware of this?  Well it is proven in really obscure statistical data somewhere really hard to find.

Anyway, since I have a lot on my plate I thought I would give you a to-do list, er.. well some stuff to check out.

  • This article on Always A Blogsmaid, the blog for the NYC based wedding planning agency Always a Bridesmaid. It is some tips for aspiring wedding planning professionals. Gotta love the down-to-earth and the “tell ’em like it is” attitude in the article.
  • You must go check out this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. It is a super unique with a very homemade feel. At first I thought the dress was a little way asymmetrical but the more I look at it  the more I like it.

I kept your to-do list much shorter than mine so hop to it! Plus this one is much more entertaining and believe you me much more fun to complete than mine will be!