Monday, Monday.

(nail polish cred: essie’s Cocktail Bling)

Some of you might think that when you spill the entire pot of coffee when pouring it means you’re going to have a pretty awful day. And although at times this might have driven me to tears and sent me in a frenzy back to bed where it is safe and warm. It is however, Monday! What would Monday be with out a bit of a rocky start?

My weekend was pretty low key which is exactly what I wanted! On Friday, Jeremy and I went to City Tavern in Culver City with a friend from work and her beau. First of all the beers on tap are INSANE. Like, a ton, of options. I stuck with a tasting of a cider cause it was called Pink Beauty… I pick my beers based on their names because the next one I got was called Ladyface… don’t hate.

Sorry the pic is a bit blurry but dang, that was a good burger! I had to share it with you, look at the giant onion ring! Okay okay enough about the burger. What did you do (or eat) this weekend?