8 Crazy Nights!

Happy Hanukkah!

Today marks a very early start to Hanukkah! And that means, 25 days till Christmas! I celebrate Christmas but my boyfriend is Jewish and he celebrates Hanukkah, I don’t get do anything this year with him but I am all about celebrations. Lets be serious I wouldn’t want to be a wedding planner if I didn’t love me any reason to celebrate!

I have recently been checking out some design blogs, especially since in less than 6 months I could possibly be decorating my own little abode. On design*sponge I found these ridiculous chairs.

How cute would a little white kitchenette table with four different colors of these Pantone folding chairs around it?

Apartment 34 is an adorable little mish-mash of design, wedding, and fashion! I love it all, they are featuring such great little dresses today!

They make me so happy, the whole Ivy&Aster website is insane. They are sold in some stores in Manhattan, I would love to go check out them!

What do you celebrate?! Do you celebrate both holidays or anything at all? What are you’re favorite traditions, latkes, or Christmas cookies?

Hope you have a wonderful start to the month!