Ohh Domino!

Who doesn’t love a little Van Morrison to start the day off?

Although I prefer Moondance, Domino was more fitting. Oof I also didn’t realize that Van was not such a hottie in his day.

Not much to update today, except for the fact that I am super excited for this weekend! Despite the fact that I will be cooped up in the library all weekend finishing up a bunch of projects due on Monday.

Adorable post on Apartment 34 featuring cake toppers, it is the simplest of details that really push a wedding from good to great. Being detail oriented is an important skill to have when you want to be an event planner, it’s kind of like domino’s, as soon as the wedding starts, all the dominoes have to fall or else there will be a hold up, like in this video:

The kid is kind of cute though.

Here is an insane wedding dress on a shoot from Rebekah Westover Photography that I found on Rock n’ Roll Bride. It is so beautiful I want to scream! I love the collar, it’s very traditional in a non-traditional way… does that make sense?

Well I am off to get some work done so this weekend isn’t a complete bust, but only 1 week until Thanksgiving, which means good food and no school aka relaxation time! What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I am working that night so I am going out to dinner with my family earlier in the day, hey- as long as there is food involved I don’t care where I am!

Something to do: At Hofstra? Need to practice your networking skills? The Hofstra PRSSA’s Networking Dinner is tonight at 7pm! The committee worked super hard to put this together and there is always a great turn out of students and professionals. See you then!