Something New

How cliche is that? Something New.

Well, it is new my wedding blog, dedicated to all things bridal, weddings, beautiful and sweet.

Why weddings? I’m going to throw another cliche at you- I love love. I love the idea of two people falling in love and wanting to share their lives together. Okay I’ll stop before I break the mushy meter.

I will keep it sweet and simple, I want to explore the limitless possibilities of this industry while giving you, the reader, a jumping off point. Anything is fair game- dresses, cakes, brides, grooms, decor, venues, music, and of course love.

Cake cutting dress from Quail Bridal

Cake cutting dress from Quail Bridal

How sweet is this look from Quail Bridal? The combination of the blue ribbon with the yellow heels gives the dress a very flirty feel. To complete the look, a birdcage vail, one of my favorite looks.

What do you think? Would you choose such an non-traditional look for walking down the aisle? Or would you just wear it for the reception, either way I think it is adorable!