Snow Day- Shop Day!


You know what that means? No work! Since the university closed I didn’t have to go to my office job so I got to be snowed in all day with my boyfriend and his family. Don’t get my wrong there was a lot of shoveling to do and cocoa to be drank.

Since you surely caught up on all of your other work here is some reading to peruse for the rest of the snow day.

This Refinery 29 article about 2011 legging fashion trends. Currently I am just going to get some plain black ones (ones pictured are from Victoria’s Secret), while all those ones look fun, they are not practical for my uses currently and no one has invited me to any fashion shows yet.

This Blogging for Daters article by my friend over at Dear Winnie. It’s nice when bloggers are so welcoming AND helpful. Chelsea is my blogging fairy godmother.

This article on Stylish Thought I found today. A gem of a find I might add, this blogger adds a little inspiration to her fashion blogging. The article is dealing with a lot of my recent fashion issues, lest I remind you of the fit-of-rage-clothes-throwing episode?

This article rounding up the top IPhone cases from At First Blush! I must admit I have been lusting after one since day one, but it was never worth switching to the horrible AT&T service we have here. Mine would for sure be donning the Kate Spade retro telephone one!

Well there you have it! I did some online shopping today, thank you Urban Outfitters for the discount code today (valid until 3am, you still have time!) I bought myself a lovely coat. How did you spend your snow day? Stay warm!