Caramel Fail


This is the movie poster from a foreign film titled Caramel. It takes place around a salon in Beirut, I recommend it! However this post is not about the movie, it is in fact about my failed attempts to make myself some caramel.

I gathered up all the ingredients from what I thought was a reliable source, notice it called for honey not corn syrup which was good because corn syrup scares me a bit.

I even spent a whopping 3 bucks on a candy thermometer because people say you will not achieve caramel-y goodness without it.

I carefully measured out each ingredient,

and made the butter into little “knobs” like it told me to! But alas, it was still a big major fail. I waited for it to get to the temperature it said but yet, when I poured it out on the cooling sheet it NEVER solidified. Just a light color of caramel in the form of sauce. Nothing wrong with this but I wanted straight up caramels, to put little bits of sea salt on. I wanted to enjoy them on my breaks at work when I just needed a little something sweet to tied me over!

I will prevail! I will attempt this again soon I just really rather not use corn syrup and since I know in the 1800s they didn’t have it you don’t need it, so we’ll see.

Anyone out there have a good caramel recipe they would like to link or share? I am in need, clearly. Better luck next time!

Mozzarella Sticks

Have you ever been standing in the middle of the supermarket with your boyfriend who decides that he wants to make mozzarella sticks for dinner? So you both frantically look for recipes on your IPhones in order to make sure you have all the ingredients? Well that was me and Jeremy a few nights ago when we starving in Ralphs, FYI- mozzarella sticks are not something you make when you’re starving. Needless to say it was a stressful process.

Mozz sticks are no easy feat, in fact it is an art. They need to be gently coated and then coaxed into the pan of hot oil! We decided to pan fry them versus over fry them because apparently you’re supposed to freeze them for an hour before you oven fry them. We did not have patience for waiting an hour and then 15-20 min to bake. We poured about a 1/2 of an inch of olive oil in to the pan and slipped those puppies in.

As you can see frying the cheese sticks is very serious, you mustn’t lose focus or you will have pools of cheese in the pan. Or worse, blackened mozzarella sticks! The result is luscious pillows of cheese and panko that melt in your mouth…

Needless to say these bad boys hit the spot. There are only a couple of things I’d do differently next time; buy a better quality mozzarella, we bought Ralph’s brand because it was cheap. Oh and freeze them longer. I think that plays a lot into the consistency of the middle.

What have you made for dinner recently? Anything as non-traditional as mozzarella sticks?


In The Kitch: 17 Bean Veggie Soup and Peppers

Guys, this is a seriously good recipe. Fairly easy… well kind of easy but kind of hard. It requires a lot of chopping and can opening at certain times and if you forget you have to rush to get the ingredients in, that’s kind of why the cherry tomatoes look way less cooked in that pic. Woops. So that mixture turns into these puppies:

Cous Cous Stuffed Peppers via Epicurious. I grew up with every cooking magazine known to man, Cooking Light, Bon Apptit, and even Cooking Illustrated which you can probably subscribe to but my mom and I always picked it up at the supermarket because of all the great techniques.

Whats with the 17 bean and veggie soup you ask? Well Jeremy didn’t want to have a photo shoot accompanying his dish but I snapped a quick one in the process.

Are you impressed with the 17 beans part? Well you shouldn’t be we bought them in a pack at Trader Joes because they didn’t have lentils. There is no way I would go out and buy 17 different beans! It was a pretty delicious soup but pretty thick since we didn’t have enough broth… we’re fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants type of cooks.

What have you cooked up lately? Soups are our favorite in the winter but the stuffed peppers are a go-to when we want something that looks impressive but isn’t really. Hehe.

Monday, Monday.

(nail polish cred: essie’s Cocktail Bling)

Some of you might think that when you spill the entire pot of coffee when pouring it means you’re going to have a pretty awful day. And although at times this might have driven me to tears and sent me in a frenzy back to bed where it is safe and warm. It is however, Monday! What would Monday be with out a bit of a rocky start?

My weekend was pretty low key which is exactly what I wanted! On Friday, Jeremy and I went to City Tavern in Culver City with a friend from work and her beau. First of all the beers on tap are INSANE. Like, a ton, of options. I stuck with a tasting of a cider cause it was called Pink Beauty… I pick my beers based on their names because the next one I got was called Ladyface… don’t hate.

Sorry the pic is a bit blurry but dang, that was a good burger! I had to share it with you, look at the giant onion ring! Okay okay enough about the burger. What did you do (or eat) this weekend?

café con leche

I’ve been a bad blogger.

But I have been enjoying some delicious breakfast joints around the city. I was lucky enough to have one of my friends, Leslie, from high school visiting me this past week, we had some adventures and a lot of delicious breakfasts, like the one pictured above at Amandine. Who has a banana-almond-chocolate pastry that is to die for.

I’ve been kind of on a soul searching mission lately but a lot of it results with me in bed with a headache. I guess I thought moving to Los Angeles would eliminate the “changing of seasons” issue that seems to make me sniffely. The best thing about having Leslie around for a few days was just feeling like a kid again, walking on the beach and snapping silly pictures.

(Original Pantry CafeOlvera Street– Santa Monica Beach)

Isn’t my friend Leslie beautiful? She is so happy and made me so happy when she visited on her way back to New York from San Francisco. She’s the type of friend that makes me a better person, kind of like coffee but with milk…

Huntington, NY

Yes Yes, I’m still in Los Angeles! I just decided it would be fun to post about places I’ve been in no particular order, rhyme, or reason.

Taken in Huntington, NY and altered with Instagram

I could have sworn I had been to Huntington before I met my boyfriend and my friends from the area but I couldn’t figure out where, until recently we passed the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery! I went there when I was a little girl and I still remember the awful smell of fish that seemed to stay with me for days.

Huntington as I know it is on Main Street where there are all types of shops and restaurants that are great for nights out or just a quick bite with friends. Here are my favorite hot spots.

  • Swallow– I did a post about this restaurant in February, their calamari is insane! It’s quiet, dark and intimate. Particularly a great date spot! When we were going it was BYOB and their desserts were phenom.
  • F.H. Riley’s– I went once with my boyfriend’s parents when he was studying in London. It has a sport’s bar feel with out the urge to down a plate of  chicken wings. I suggest the Autumn Harvest salad, the sweet potato croutons are to DIE FOR.
  • Munday’s– Now, I don’t LOVE Munday’s, I think the atmosphere is kind of off, they have a good idea, 50s malt shop-type feel but it’s not executed right. They have GIANT flat screens that just rotate pictures of people’s faces REALLY close up. Also, I felt both times I was there that I was bothering the servers by being there.
  • T.J. Finley’s– I liked my food here, but I can’t exactly remember what I got. I know my friend’s got cheese steaks that were really delicious. The outside patio is great but only if they are playing music, otherwise you feel like you are disturbing  the old couple next to you.

Those are my picks! Have you ever been to Huntington? I love it’s small-town feel in the middle of big box stores and shopping malls in Long Island.