signs of summer

1. maxi dresses

2. home made guacamole

3. the beach

4. ciao bella belgium chocolate gelato

5. white skinnies

What are you most excited for this summer? I love that it stays lighter out longer, more time to enjoy the sun!


Unique LA

Yesterday, Jeremy and I went to Unique LA at The California Market Center in Downtown LA. It was gorgeous out, the sun really impressed me today and so did the craft fair. There were 300+ local vendors, selling everything from jewelry to hot sauce. We tired ourselves right out walking up and down the aisles, you could seriously get lost in there! I snapped some pics of some of the particularly cool things, but there were countless booths full of awesome treasures!

Who doesn’t love a good bow-tie? The well-dress dudes running the Pocket Square Clothing booth had their bow-ties very nicely displayed.

This vendor had little cut outs to take pics with, I just thought they were really cute! So did the little girls in front of me, they were picking them up and kissing them. Ha!

I made a purchase at Kyyote, Amanda makes all the intricate jewelry by hand and in LA. Props. Her stuff is beautiful and she was one of the most friendly shop owners, double props! I will definitely be making another purchase from her shop, her stuff is very beautiful!

My last stop was Favor based out of Portland. Really simple and lovely stuff. I picked up a ring here to go with another tiny ring I already have. Stacking is all the rage apparently, and it’s fun to mix and match. I really enjoyed walking around in this cool space and seeing all the different type of artists. I’m really looking forward to the Holiday Show in the fall!

What did you do this weekend? Spend it with you mom, or are you far apart like I am with my mom?

All In A Days Work

Have you ever wanted an item of clothing so bad you were willing to drive 40 miles round trip to get it? No- oh that’s just me… Well this is how the story goes: Girl walks in to J.Crew with one Elizabeth & James blouse, Girl covets said blouse. I go online see it is sold out on Nordstrom’s and still $230+ on other sites. Go to Nordstrom to try to locate it, it’s been “racked”. Locate THE LAST SMALL IN ALL OF NORDSTROMS at Topanga’s Nordstrom Rack. She drives her little caboose up there so fast (but still drive the speed limit) and frantically and successfully tracks down the blouse. Bonus: The blouse which has tiny dice on it was marked down to $74.95. Win.

Blouse: Elizabeth & James Blazer: Nordstrom Bottoms: Madewell Wedges: J.Crew Tote: Rebecca Minkoff

This is one of my favorite style of tops, the tie is so reminiscent of a more simple time where women left their decolletage to the imagination if you know what I mean! I don’t generally get to sport an outfit that isn’t solely comprised from J.Crew so I jumped to document it. I’d love to post some cute outfits more frequently.

What items are you lusting after this spring? Colored denim, bold prints, & sherbert colors are catching my eye the most!

Rainy Friday

This picture is from a short day trip to Malibu with Jeremy a few weeks ago. We love Malibu but haven’t gotten to explore it as much as we’d like. The farmer’s market is fun and we got some “artisan” salt from Hepp’s Salt Barrel. The views are always so beautiful. All this beach talk between Malibu and the Santa Monica Pier has got me thinking of bathing suits. Which is very appropriate on this rainy day!

Hot Dot Underwire Halter. $52/$50. J.Crew online only.

This is ADORABLE. Super retro, conservative without being too covered up. I’d get this one right now if I didn’t have a yellow polkadot bikni from Guess… but I guess you can never have too many polka dots…

The one thing I’ve learned from working in retail is that animal prints (done tastefully) never go out of style! I love this one piece by Vince Camuto available at Lord & Taylor for $104. I like that the print is classic with a trendy detail, the neon piping. Fun for pool side!

And of course you need a cover up! This one from TopShop is ADORABLE. and I need it. For $42 it wont break the bank. I can imagine walking around in Vegas in this bad boy so I might need to make a virtual “trip” to TopShop soon.

What’s on your radar for swimwear this season? I am so excited for it to actually be warm enough to wear a bathing suit! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh Hoppy Day!

A few weeks ago, I took this picture of groceries to show Jeremy what I got… yeah, you know you do weird stuff too! And I thought my Keds were getting a little rough around the edges, I mean my toe was practically popping a hole on top. I looked around and couldn’t find anything as cute as the pink ones. I don’t really like to order things offline so when I saw the navy polka dot Keds at Madewell, it was sneaker love at first sight!

It was such a good choice too! I hadn’t been able to wear them until this afternoon when Jeremy and I walked around Santa Monica, got salads and sat at the beach. They make me so happy when I look at my feet, isn’t that all that matters?

On a side note, this weekend was pretty great! After such a rough week (40-hours-on-my-feet-busy-as-heck-super-under-staffed-retail-craziness) I went a little crazy, last night at In-N-Out with my friend Emily.

Particularly rough weeks call for animal style fries. They are ridiculous and well worth the gazillion calories. Cheese, grilled onion & 1000 island dressing. Oy. Thank goodness for fresh local ingredients or else I would be feeling quite guilty. Moving to more of a guiltless pleasure…

To finish off this beautiful California Easter Sunday, we made a pit stop at Yogurtland. The mochi on top of the frozen yogurt. 🙂

Priscilla Of Boston


If you’re a wedding junkie like me, you already know that Priscilla of Boston is closing their doors after 65 years of creating magic for the brides that wore them. I always viewed the brand as preppy and chic, I was very lucky to get to work with some of the gowns when I interned at The Knot.

Founded in 1945, Priscilla Kidder opened up shop on Newbury Street in Boston. Have you ever gone shopping on Newbury Street? It is amazing! The brand quickly because synonymous with hyper individualized service.

  • read the complete Priscilla of Boston time line here.
  • read this article from Celebrity Weddings to see who else wore Priscilla of Boston.
  • what to do if you are a current Priscilla Bride via The Knot.

This is one of my favorite gowns by Priscilla of Boston, although it is hard to just pick one. This one I admit is atypical for the generally structured dresses that they feature. But hey, I love me some texture.

This economy is rough on everyone, I am very thankful that it isn’t much worse. I hope despite this sad news September is a great month! It’s the first time I am not worrying about busting out the sweaters and boots. Although I’m told you still get to wear boots in LA.

Ode to Keds

No, I’m not going to bust out a haiku about the legendary sneaker company, more like gush about how much I love them. If you know me well, you know I love to rock my pink Keds not only because they are comfy but because they a bright and stylish. Kind of like my own personality!

The term sneakers, according to the “all-knowning” Wikipedia, comes from the fact that the rubber soles on Keds allowed the wearer to sneak around quietly. It is true, my Keds don’t make much noise. Other great qualities? Affordable, laceless, and a large variety of colors and patterns!

What are you’re favorite go to shoes? I know Dara and Chelsea would both say wedges and heels, but I love my Keds!