Unique LA

Yesterday, Jeremy and I went to Unique LA at The California Market Center in Downtown LA. It was gorgeous out, the sun really impressed me today and so did the craft fair. There were 300+ local vendors, selling everything from jewelry to hot sauce. We tired ourselves right out walking up and down the aisles, you could seriously get lost in there! I snapped some pics of some of the particularly cool things, but there were countless booths full of awesome treasures!

Who doesn’t love a good bow-tie? The well-dress dudes running the Pocket Square Clothing booth had their bow-ties very nicely displayed.

This vendor had little cut outs to take pics with, I just thought they were really cute! So did the little girls in front of me, they were picking them up and kissing them. Ha!

I made a purchase at Kyyote, Amanda makes all the intricate jewelry by hand and in LA. Props. Her stuff is beautiful and she was one of the most friendly shop owners, double props! I will definitely be making another purchase from her shop, her stuff is very beautiful!

My last stop was Favor based out of Portland. Really simple and lovely stuff. I picked up a ring here to go with another tiny ring I already have. Stacking is all the rage apparently, and it’s fun to mix and match. I really enjoyed walking around in this cool space and seeing all the different type of artists. I’m really looking forward to the Holiday Show in the fall!

What did you do this weekend? Spend it with you mom, or are you far apart like I am with my mom?


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