Tar Pits and M83

Last night I saw M83 with Jeremy and some friends who just moved out to Los Angeles.

Amazing, amazing, amazing show.

It was at Club Nokia which is right near the Staples Center and Nokia Theater, so basically the place was swarmed with Lakers fans, Rick Ross groupies (no disrespect) and the very mixed crowed going to see M83… Usually you see a very general type in the crowed but there was so many different type of people at this show, including a huge crowd of frat brothers in front of me… again no, disrespect but like- YOU’RE ALL 6ft TALL. I CAN’T SEE OVER YOUR FIST PUMPS.

Okay- now that I got that out of my system, yesterday was actually a super beautiful day which made me feel super in love with Los Angeles. I drove a friend to pick up his car and we decided to kill time at the La Brea Tar Pits…

The tar pits are adjacent to LACMA so we walked around some more… such a cool little area within the heart of LA. I can’t wait to come back here in the summer, although I imagine the smell of tar is way worse in the hotter months.

Since we partied pretty hard last night (ha ha) I’m keeping it low-key for the rest of the weekend, although I have to work tomorrow during the day. Have you ever been to the tar pits in Los Angeles? I think it’s so random that there is just this prehistoric area in the middle of a lot of hustle and bustle!


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