Mini DIY

So in October I bought this pin board at HomeGoods, at first I thought it was rather ugly, like really rather ugly. I picked it up paused and thought dang that would look good if it weren’t the brown color. So I thought oooh, maybe teal would be a good color on it, like a high glossy teal. But then I remembered that nothing in my apartment is teal or would ever be teal so I thought about gold, because the ottoman that we had bought that very same HomeGoods trip had little bits of gold in it. So I turned the little ol’ pin board into this…

I can’t really recall what the spray paint was called, I’m pretty sure it was Krylon and some form of gold. At least it was  easy to use and came out really pretty. I like sprucing up things like this especially when the board cost $14 and the spray paint was $5 so the total project was less than if I bought it as is at a store.

It holds my work schedule and some other little reminders, as well as two vintage post cards I bought at the flea market in November… eventually I want to make a whole collage around this board.

Have you DIYed anything lately? I get a lot of inspiration from Young House Love and as always, Cupcakes and Cashmere. I really want to tackle the bedroom but being a renter is very limiting, oh and the giant red headboard. But, that is a story for another day.


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