Spending Freeze

What? A spending freeze? Yep.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking about and why am I blogging about it? Basically I’m not spending any money. Except for food and expenses. I know what you’re thinking… THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE. It is pretty hard, but so far I’m one week into it and it’s not going that bad…

How it works:

  • only spend money on groceries, food, and bills
  • limit 4 receipts a week for the 4 weeks

The reason why food is apart from groceries is because Jeremy and I really enjoy going out for breakfast on the weekends and we usually account for that when we buy groceries. So food should really be “weekend brunch/lunch” but I felt it was easier to encompass this way… but this also means no lunch or coffees during the week.

NO COFFEES?! I know… but luckily I have my new Brooklynese coffee cup set from Fishs Eddy to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

At the end of my first week of the spending freeze, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve bought groceries and brunch this morning which totaled about $100, thinking about the things I could have bought and didn’t, 4-5 coffees, 3-4 lunches, and things I didn’t need right now like clothes, I’ve saved a lot of money. It is hard working in a commerce area and avoid spending money especially with the good sales right now!

You’re probably still like, why the heck are you doing this? I think I just feel like a challenge especially since I could easily spend $75+ on clothes a week if I had no restraints. That’s what I get for working retail. Are you good at saving money or do you love to spend it like me?


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