A few weeks back me and Jeremy went to Malibu which is about 15 miles up the Pacific coast. It’s a very picturesque place, in fact a lot of commercials are filmed on that large rock where people were rock climbing. We went for a quick hike on the trails at Point Dume, I thought it was pretty funny to call it Point DOOM. Ha, haaa… no, no one else thinks it’s funny? Okay.

After a strenuous 30 minute hike, Jeremy and I hit up Malibu Seafood. Which has some pretty great clam chowder, now I say pretty good because I grew up on Cape Cod clam chowdah and NOTHING beats clam chowdah from Cape Cod.

I love being in LA but getting out and taking an adventure or working the few weddings outside of LA is fun. I enjoy seeing the different way of life and scenery. Oh and the fancy cars! Do you like exploring or adventuring? If that’s even a word… regardless what places have you discovered and what were your favorite- are they near or far?


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