…In With The New

So lets talk about all this new years nonsense. Have you noticed the relentless weight loss and online dating commercials? They don’t really effect me in any sort of way other than make me realize how much companies capitalize on this time of the year.

It is true that when it’s the new year you feel there is an ability to “change” or start over. I feel that way every year and every year I make promises, or so called resolutions to change the way I do things and hope that my commitments would be strong enough to make things “better”.

So for 2012 I decided that it’s better to just make a list of goals- and make them reasonable and realistic. No pressure to keep them or excel with them but to enjoy them because they will make me more fulfilled.

  • Read more, lots more. Books, novels, memoirs and short stories. Especially the classics.
  • Design and re-write my family’s cookbook adding new favorites from cousins all over the map.
  • Practice more Yoga, on TV, on my own, or in a class. Yoga is a huge stress buster for me.
  • Manage my money- this is a tough one, sometimes I feel there is more going out than coming in. I’d like to change that this year.
  • Write a lot, not just the cook book but blog posts, short stories and my own ideas.
  • Be 100% happy and content with my job, while I wish I could say this right now, it’s just not true. I think us millennials have this notion that were going to find our dream job right away, removing this pressure for myself I feel like I can enjoy what I’m doing now in order to get where I want to be.
  • Keep in touch with my friends and family… this is sometimes hard as everyday life gets in the way.
  • Travel, near and far. We already have a trip planned to NY in March. I can’t wait to see where else our travels bring us this year.

I know they seem lofty but I feel like they are just broad enough to work and keep working for me. What are your goals or resolutions? Do you make them every year and keep them?

I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!


2 thoughts on “…In With The New

  1. I love your list! I do feel renewed and energized to embrace each new with a more positive attitude and to count my blessings too. To keep things simple is the secret to happiness 😉

  2. I love your resolution list, I love a good list! It’s a great idea to keep them broad as to not limit yourself. You have such a sweet blog 🙂

    Emily x

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