Cait & Billy

That is my friend Cait and her fiance, Billy. Cait and I go back to the first grade, maybe even earlier! We lost touch in high school when we attended different schools. So when I bumped into her at the mall over the summer and she told me her big news I was very eager to help out in anyway- even 2,500 miles away.

Recently she sent me her engagement session photos, which are STUNNING. You can view them on Janelle Rodriguez’s blog. I don’t know much about Janelle except she is super talented (did a lot of stalking) and looks super sweet so it makes sense that Cait and Billy picked her. The best part about the pictures are that they incorporate the theme of their wedding in the engagement photos. If you haven’t guessed it is taking place in a barn! So I picked out some of my favorite inspirations from barn weddings for their wedding day.





The best part about barn inspired weddings is that anything goes, if you want to add a chandelier no one is going to argue with you! I’m so glad Cait is keeping me filled in with all the little details, I know it’s going to be a beautiful wedding and I’m so excited to see all the lovely photos.


2 thoughts on “Cait & Billy

  1. Hi Charlsie!

    I just wanted to thank you for the kind words about Cait and Billy’s engagement session! And I love your blog! It’s so nice to see someone that loves weddings as much as I do. I just loooove them! Haha. Anyways, just wanted to say hello and thanks. ❤


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