Pizza & an Outfit Post

I’ve always wanted to do an outfit post.

I also always eat a lot of pizza.

Tomato Pie last weekend.

Tomato Pie this weekend.

Homemade pie eaten 1-2x per week.

I told you I eat a lot of pizza. And as loyal as I am to New York pizza, Tomato Pie is a wonderful, amazing, and delectable substitute. See, my only battle in moving to LA was where was I going to eat delicious pizza? Long Island spoiled me rotten with perfect pizza and ginormous Greek salads. Oh, I how I miss Greek salads!

Necklace, shirt, and pants: J.Crew | Blazer: Brooklyn Industries | Flats: Target

Despite feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, I rallied the style troops to look polished for work. Complete with folding chair and tote bags in the background, I posed quick to send to my boyfriend’s sister who is away at college- I felt she needed to see my face and also approve my outfit. She did, phew! These are my go to items for work, my co-workers might think I’m gross but if I’m only wearing them for four hours at a time, they are not dirty. I stand by that!

I hope I didn’t make you guys too hungry with all that pizza talk, because now I’m craving pizza for dinner! Where do you get your favorite pizzas? Is it NY pizza or deep dish? I really want to try more pizza in LA but it’s hard to stray from Tomato Pie.

Have a wonderful day!

ps- those pants, the Minnie Pant from J.Crew are AMAZING. Comfort of a legging, and polish of suiting pants.


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