Girls In White Dresses


I am almost done with “Girls In White Dresses.” I love it. I rarely ever feel this way about a book, but I ‘m genuinely looking forward to the next time I get to read it.

Every time I read a book that I enjoy, I end up being the biggest advocate ever for the book. When I read “The Help” earlier this year I was basically telling anyone who would listen that they “NEED to read it,” and “it’s SOOO amazing.” And if you saw the movie, you can understand how amazing the book was.

Now I really hope they make a movie of this, simply because I’m interested to see how they would do it. The book follows college friends through everyday situations dealing with love, relationships, and family. There is probably one thing, if not many things the reader in the book can relate to.

Do you like seeing the movie adaptations of books or do you wish they never bothered? This is usually a hot topic when discussing Harry Potter and Twilight, love both, both books and movies!


2 thoughts on “Girls In White Dresses

  1. I think they are two different art forms of media. A movie cannot capture the entirety of a book. you need to learn to appreciate each for their own unique entertainment and enrichment possibilities. And resist comparing them to each other.

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