Unofficial End of Summer

Labor Day to me was always the unofficial end of summer.


I would start packing up my bags for the inevitable start of school, read over syllabi that were posted 3 weeks  early, and stress over someone’s signature that I was missing for Res Life. Then, of course, I would start to panic about what happens when it gets too chilly for sandals and flip flops, when in reality I would remain in flip flops for a good month and a half.

Not this year. This year I will not be looking over any syllabi, I would be hunting down residents for their signatures, or telling them to be quiet at 3am. This year I will be chasing wayward flower girls, handing out parking permits and doing walk through of as many LA venues as I possibly can. I will also be folding, selling and buying far too many clothes.

Another big change this year is no change of seasons, in theory. It will be fall, and fall clothing will be on the shelves but I will get to rock bare feet and tee shirts for a few months longer. Oh, and no winter coats? Count me in! What are you doing now that the summer is slowly coming to a close? Jeremy and I watched the sunset on the beach while devouring sandwiches which was a lovely way to “end the summer”, I forgot my phone so no pics!

What did you do to end the summer?


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