Priscilla Of Boston


If you’re a wedding junkie like me, you already know that Priscilla of Boston is closing their doors after 65 years of creating magic for the brides that wore them. I always viewed the brand as preppy and chic, I was very lucky to get to work with some of the gowns when I interned at The Knot.

Founded in 1945, Priscilla Kidder opened up shop on Newbury Street in Boston. Have you ever gone shopping on Newbury Street? It is amazing! The brand quickly because synonymous with hyper individualized service.

  • read the complete Priscilla of Boston time line here.
  • read this article from Celebrity Weddings to see who else wore Priscilla of Boston.
  • what to do if you are a current Priscilla Bride via The Knot.

This is one of my favorite gowns by Priscilla of Boston, although it is hard to just pick one. This one I admit is atypical for the generally structured dresses that they feature. But hey, I love me some texture.

This economy is rough on everyone, I am very thankful that it isn’t much worse. I hope despite this sad news September is a great month! It’s the first time I am not worrying about busting out the sweaters and boots. Although I’m told you still get to wear boots in LA.


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