Tomorrow I leave Albany “for good”.

Obviously I’ll be visiting for holidays and the inevitable but warmly accepted celebrations for friends and family. I actually haven’t been in Albany for more than 3 weeks for 2 years- but always feel at home when I’m here.

Albany is the type of city that has a smaller version of everything… despite some of the lack of fashions and trends it still has an active night life, beautiful nature (Thatcher Park anyone?), and a community that far surpasses most towns in America.

The last few weeks have been filled with trips to City Beer Hall, fireworks, shopping trips, bon fires, pool trips, brunches and a very interesting late-night diner trip after stopping by a party where I clearly didn’t belong. I don’t know if it’s because I was leaving but I really appreciated all that Albany has to offer me on this time being home, and I will never forget it. Especially, this one…

“been best friends and will be till we die” – blink 182

LA or bust!


One thought on “Albany

  1. Woohoo! LA awaits! It’s near and dear to my heart now. I am sooo glad I got a chance to really see the soul of this city and surroundings. and I’m not done yet. But you will have a GREAT time! Welcome, Charlsie!

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