Puppy Chow

Hi all! I hope your week is starting off good! Mine is, but that might just be because I know my birthday is tomorrow and I’m just really excited!

Anyway, I got a little bored last night (the curse of the unemployed) and whipped up an all time favorite snack, Puppy Chow. It’s also referred to as Muddie Buddies, you can find the full recipe here.

“EW GROSS,WHY DO YOU CALL IT PUPPY CHOW THEN?” you might exclaim! But I’m telling you, just give it a chance!

A few things to note, I used a mix of corn and rice Chex, but I used the generic brand because it was 1/2 the price of the regular and I’m not too proud to use generic cereal… generic chocolate chips is a different story. Those bad boys were 100% Nestle Toll House. Another thing, you’re supposed to lay the final product out to cool… I didn’t do that. I’m somewhat impatient, but it still tastes amazing.  Enjoy!




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