Weighty Matters

This just breaks my heart.

On Tuesday there was a Good Morning America story about a young girl who thinks shes fat. (I can’t embed the link) A lot of you might have read my post about the Marie Claire blogger who posted about Mike & Molly, a TV show about two overweight people who are dating.

I’d be lying if I said that I thought I was perfect and that I have no body issues whatsoever. However, I know the difference between a magazine cover and reality. I know that most of those girls workout excessively and are on strict diets. Another major thing younger girls don’t understand is that Photoshop plays a major part in all advertising and modeling.

Article like these come out every few years which is just proof that these issues are still relevant and with increasing access to technology only put more pressure on young girls.

What do you think about the way young girls think about their bodies and do you think that the media should take some responsibility when altering images?


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