Ode to Keds

No, I’m not going to bust out a haiku about the legendary sneaker company, more like gush about how much I love them. If you know me well, you know I love to rock my pink Keds not only because they are comfy but because they a bright and stylish. Kind of like my own personality!

The term sneakers, according to the “all-knowning” Wikipedia, comes from the fact that the rubber soles on Keds allowed the wearer to sneak around quietly. It is true, my Keds don’t make much noise. Other great qualities? Affordable, laceless, and a large variety of colors and patterns!

What are you’re favorite go to shoes? I know Dara and Chelsea would both say wedges and heels, but I love my Keds!




2 thoughts on “Ode to Keds

  1. My go to shoes are Fit Flops. Variety with a fat chunky sole that works your thighs and calves. Ok so they are not cute as a button but they are fun and sensible… like me!

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