A Little Revamping

Sometimes one must revamp, rearrange, readjust, or put simply change things up a bit.

Instead of just blogging about weddings, I’m going to just blog. Blog about whatever I want when I want. If I want to blog about weddings, then I will but if I want to blog about a delicious dinner I had, then I’ll post that too!

A little birdie might have tipped you off that I graduated! It was a long, fun, and insane four years and I wouldn’t have done anything different! It is scary but exciting to be starting a new chapter in my life. It is going to be a bumpy next few months!

I interned last semester at The Knot for their PR team and it was a really challenging, but in a good way. I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of a career. It seems like a lot for just 4 short months but commuting in and out of the city 3x a week makes a girl think!

This and two visits to Los Angeles made me realize that NYC, while amazing, is not right for me now. So in a few weeks I’m packing up my little Jetta and me and my boyfriend are heading west! Hence why I need to redirect focus for this blog. I want to own more of it and hopefully practice my writing.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some book reviews, and my  love for my Nook!




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