WANTED: Graduation Dresses

45 days and counting.

Thankfully my good friend Dara is keeping me updated on the countdown, but I have yet to find the perfect dress for graduation. Sure, I have plenty of dresses in my closet that just scream to be worn during a sunny May afternoon, but this isn’t just any May afternoon this is THE afternoon where I finally break free of this endless cycle of term papers and art history slides and trade them for fast paced days and creative event planning.

I found a dress I like on ModCloth, but it is sold out!

The Orlando Blooms dress basically embodies me in a dress, so fail for being sold out. I also found another dress on Asos but its a little too business-y for this joyus occasion, but I might need it anyway…

Have you found the perfect dress yet? I know this isn’t as crucial as that big white dress one buys for their big day, but I think it is still kind of a big deal.

If you need some tips and tricks for buying your graduation, or wedding shower dress, check out this post by my good friend Chelsea. She has tons of information!




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