Life’s A Beach

There is no denying this fact: I come from a long line of beach lovers.

My mom is a die hard beach goer. Sometimes she goes at 9:30am and doesn’t leave until the sunsets. That’s some dedication! While I enjoy the beach, after about 4 hours I’m ready to go shopping. So what, I can’t stay the whole day. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some beachy weddings!

Here is an insane shot from a Poptastic Bride article. I think beach weddings are so versatile with everything from decor to wardrobe.

While I don’t love the “trash the dress” trend, I loved this shoot from The Charity Wedding. Something about the dress in sea water is just beautiful to me!

More beachy goodness to check out:

I know this is such a short post but I am on a bit of a vacation this weekend! I’m off to devour some cookies, hope you’re  having a wonderful weekend!




One thought on “Life’s A Beach

  1. Never will I trash my dress. I probably would have paid too much money for it.

    I used to want to have a beach wedding when I was little and thought I would get married on Hawaii. Now I just want a chic NYC loft.

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