What’s A Fishes Eddy?

Happy Sunday!

Usually I hate the end of the weekend, but I have a lot to look forward to! For one James Franco and Anne Hathaway are hosting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. The Black and White cookie I picked up yesterday and a mini-vacation at the end of this week. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but I have been so busy lately, it’s the little things that I look forward too!

In my recent adventures in Manhattan I wandered into Fishes Eddy. Unfamiliar? Well, you’re in for a treat. Whether you just browse the website or stop in to shop around the 889 Broadway store there are lots of treasures to discover! I snapped a picture of a very adorable mug:

Isn’t that ADORABLE? Not only do they have a Man & Woman image but a Man & Man and Woman & Woman image. Equality and cute mugs for the win! This would make the cutest little wedding or engagement gift. Actually anything on their site would make a sweet wedding gift! I’m lusting after this coffee set:

Adorable!! They use the “Brooklynese” of the words, so instead of coffee, it’s “cawffee”. They look so unsuspecting too! Of course I don’t have a coffee pot let alone a place to put this set so I will have just have to wait! I’m basically obsessed with this store and hope to visit again! I only picked up a multipurpose glass on this visit for iced tea, but they have LITERALLY everything, especially if you don’t like to dig around antique fairs/stores they have some items in milk glass that look retro and are really fun.

Do you pick out dishes and other housewares online too? I hope you don’t get too lost browsing their website, I’ve picked out about 50 items that I want for my future apartment. I’m off to do some school work, but I have some more posts coming your way this week!




One thought on “What’s A Fishes Eddy?

  1. I’m a big vintage store shopper when it comes to dishes. I once found a 10-serving china set for $100. It was seriously the steal of the century, and if my mom doesn’t give the set to me when I get married, I might cry. I like that Fishes Eddy has some retro and vintagey looking stuff, though!

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