I Do! x 14

Happy belated Valentine’s Day loves!


What did I do on Valentine’s Day? Just read here, here, and here. And no I wasn’t one of the the couples haha! While that was a long and VERY eventful day, I spent the weekend before doing all sorts of Valentine’s Day inspired things with my Valentine around LI and NYC. Including a new restaurant called Swallow in Huntington.

OMG, it was the most amazingly delicious food I had in a while. We met the chef and his wife who I think own it and they were lovely. The whole experience was just fun and enjoyable. It was the first place that was BYOB, that I actually brought my own and decided that I would be going back very soon. The calimari comes in a to-go container but there will be none to take home I can assure you of that one. I also love that there is only 20 seats. It makes it feel exclusive without breaking the bank.

Here’s a pic of that calamari from their Facebook page, go check them out! It’s so delicious!

Well I’m off for another exciting work day, which seems to fill most of my days. I wish I could blog more and keep up with the blogosphere but my days are filled from morning till night almost everyday! But I think I will have some goodies to post soon!





2 thoughts on “I Do! x 14

  1. Mmmm! Calamari. That makes me so hungry. I can’t believe you actually had to help with 14 weddings. I would have passed out after the first one. That’s why you’re going to be a wedding planner extraordinaire.

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