Back to the Grind

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, its off to work we go!


Well, back to school I go! Sorry for the serious lack of updates, but honestly between RA training and all this snow, there hasn’t been a second to update!

There is a little bit of a lull before classes start but, I am really anxious for them to begin and get this semester underway. Especially for my internship, it will be like a taste of real life! As I gear up for my internship, of course I am questioning what to wear and of course how to wear my make up. My friend over at Dear Winnie must have read my mind! She posted a sweet tutorial on an easy cat eyeliner. I am a super big fan of the cat eyeliner for everyday wear. It is a great finishing touch with out being over dramatic. I use a Chanel eyeliner pallet and a Benefit bent eyeliner brush, it makes it very easy.

This look might be a bit excessive for everyday, or for modern wear but it does showcase some awesome looking hair pieces from! They have some retail locations in NY so I really want to go scope it out and potentially skip the whole shipping part.




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