Cue daunting music…

It’s another week closer to graduation.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, the snow here held off but not for long, tomorrow they  are projected 8-16inches here on Long Island.  Better tomorrow and not Friday, I am heading upstate for once last hurrah before the Spring semester starts.

It was a very low-key weekend filled with movies and the diner as well black and white cookies that were to-die-for.

LOL… There may have been some Seinfeld watched this weekend. This illustration by Paula Becker describes perfectly how I feel about the delectable treat we call a black and white cookie. Luckily every time I try to buy them they are sold out, so only once in a while do I get to enjoy them.

So successfully went off topic but lets look back to Sunday afternoon, I had just devoured a delicious bagel and was relaxing at boyfriend’s parent’s house when his mother, a pretty organized women herself, showed me the NY Times article about a women who was a professional organizer. The article can be found here: Organize This! It is for sure an interesting read but broke my little heart when she suggests chucking children’s art work.

She does have some valid points, Reiche is neurotic but she is well aware of it. Being a child who was never told to make her bed and fold her laundry simply because my mom wasn’t going to argue with me. So yes, I might have spent the majority of my teenage years living out of my laundry basket, buttoning up  slightly wrinkled shirts, and making my bed before I got in it, but it seems that this prepared me for living in my own space. I now live in a 20ft square box and if one pair of shoes is left astray or one towel isn’t hung up after a shower it looks like a mess. So I am much more tidy and don’t mind spending 15 min reorganizing the shoes and placing the books back on the shelf. I think it’s something you grow into.

That being said, something came over me last night and in a fit of frustration with my standard issue university dresser I took the entire contents of the 4-drawer unit and dumped them on the couch. Most likely inspired by the article and the fact that I could not close the drawers after opening them, I went through the mound and discovered that a good chunk of it I never wear and some of it unwearable. It hurts a little to throw out clothes but if its got a hole in it nobody’s going to wear it.

Well I just realized what a text-heavy, non-wedding related post this was. I would love to post original wedding content but that seems to be hard to find. So I finding myself musing other ideas until I figure that out. As for the organizing my biggest tip is to take it one day or even one 15-min interval at a time otherwise the task is far too daunting and never gets finished.

What are your organizing tips?




One thought on “Reorganizing

  1. OMG! I swear, everyone is organizing or talking about it, right now, I’m in the process of doing the same thing, except with my entire room. I started at 9PM last night and decided to take a break around 1AM to catch some Zzs, but I’m back at it. Mt closet is currently organized by color. I’ve tossed old beauty products that I never use, and I’m organizing my overflowing clothing collection into piles of trash, donate, sell and keep. We’ll see how this works out. I’m a bit tired of cleaning, but this post was a much needed pep talk to finish what I started!

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