New Year New Lusts

Happy 2011 all!

I took a little hiatus for the holidays simply because I wanted to enjoy it rather than have my hands all over my laptop the entire time. I hope you had a lovely holiday, I know I did! I got a lot of wonderful gifts, some on my list and some not on my list, those are always the best. After the holidays I usually try to find some great deals but this year I am definitely lusting after some full price items, nothing extravagant just some things here and there.

First a pair of Hunter wellies. This is more of a need rather than a want, but I have a big dilemma about them, what color? Pictured below is the Aubergine, a dark eggplant-y purple color. This is the color I think would be most practical, however I don’t know if 2011 is all about being practical for me, others would beg to differ. I really really like the Iris color which is more of a light lavender-y purple. Thoughts?

Next is the simple but useful watch from Armitron. I found it surfing one of the long list of blogs that I read and something about it makes me really happy. Despite its simplicity, it looks like it would complete many of my outfits and be functional at the same time. I know I don’t need to convince you all but I think I need to convince myself. It can be found on Amazon for $41.25.These boots I found perusing ModCloth (my go-to boredom site)  are very reasonable price wise $44.99 + shipping and are trendy but not over the top. I would love the height they give me  and based on the reviews it seems that they are comfortable which is always a bonus.

I know this next item is not exactly fashion, beauty or even wedding related, unless of course a bride to be registers for 50 or so jars of this ridiculously delicious almond butter by Justin’s. Seriously it’s like straight natural goodness. I can’t get enough of it, except for the fact that this nectar-of-the-gods jar of almond butter runs a pretty penny, nearly $10.00 a jar. But alas I am swooning over it every time I pass it in Whole Foods.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and for all of those on winter break from school, enjoy the relaxing until craziness resumes.




4 thoughts on “New Year New Lusts

    • Practice. Practice. Practice. Eventually your feet get used to the odd angles, but then you have the problem of flat shoes being painful. That’s why I wear heels now, because when I where flats too often, my right ankle starts to hurt.

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