A Very ‘Tangled’ Affair

Look! It’s Flynn and Rapunzel! From the new Disney movie Tangled. And yes I went to go see it in all my 21-year-old glory, and I enjoyed every second of it. Flynn was super dreamy, and probably one of my new favorite (after Prince Phillip of course) Disney Princes!

Anyway, I don’t want to give away or anything but there was no wedding at the end of this movie, I know WTF?! So I decided to put together Flynn and Rapunzel’s wedding for them…

The dress for Rapunzel would be pretty simple, lets be serious she lived in a tower for 18 years, I don’t know if she needs all the bells and whistles some of these dresses have today! I did want to modernize it a bit so I found this Aire Barcelona dress that Rapunzel would look fabulous in…

In the movie the colors of the kingdom were purple and yellow, I like the combination very much however only done tastefully otherwise you’re going to look like the LA Lakers! I’m sure some people wouldn’t mind that though. Click here to see what The Knot has to say about purple and yellow weddings and as for the Lakers

while I’m a fan of the combo, the boldness of the Lakers colors is a bit much.

For Rapunzel’s bouquet and Flynn’s I thought these Craspedia bouquets from Para ti Novia are so pretty and simple, just like Rapunzel.

This bouquet is super simple but pretty unique, and it reminds me of the flowers in Rapunzel’s hair during the town square scene. Pretty adorable.

Now I’m not too sure Rapunzel would have bridesmaids… she only had a little green friend! She would definitely have some flower girls, I found this sweet little wedding on Classic Bride and the flower girls are just precious. And those Craspedias pop up again!

For the final touches, paper lanterns, tons of them naturally! I found this tutorial on Design*Sponge, how to make DIY paper lanterns!

It would be a very simple, yet royal affair, maybe like Wills and Kate’s wedding… but their wedding might be a bit more extravagant… let’s be real Rapunzel is pretty simple gal!

I wonder if they which one will get best man… HA!

What was the last Disney movie you saw? Who is your favorite princess or better yet who is your favorite villainess? Thank you for entertaining  my 8-year-old self with this post and I hope you have a wonderful start to the weekend!



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