Simple Things for a [Cyber] Monday

Don’t you wish your Monday’s were much simpler?

I started my morning with the breakfast of champions, a Lindt truffle, of the hazelnut variety naturally. I know it isn’t the most healthy options but very healthy for the mind! After I woke up to about 50 emails boasting their Cyber Monday sales so of course I ordered a pair of shorts from Express with free shipping!

I really am not sure if I can make this Winter shorts look work but heck I’m short and any excuse to show some leg and hopefully appear taller, I’m in!

So, I know you are very busy online shopping but I must show you some fun things I found over the weekend!

Who doesn’t love a little garland? This string is from Etsy seller Potter and Butler. They have some fun stuff but a bit pricey for me especially since you might be able to whip up your own DIY version… I will look into that. We put some fun garland on the Christmas tree this weekend and I think it can spice up anything, a window sill, a gift table, or even a dorm room!

These mugs from BoldLoft are so freaking adorable! The little couple dubbed “Boy Meets Girl” run through a series of connections separated by two mugs or two pillow cases. This one is quite lovely, Boy is blowing bubbles to woo his Girl. This would be lovely for an engagement present for a couple or even house warming gift!

Did anyone else see this Mad Men inspired shoot via The Loveliest Day? I love Mad Men so much and I think brass instruments are very neat sounding so naturally I was a sucker for this, and her red dress is to die for!

My friend over at Dear Winne rounds up her Cyber Monday/ Gift Guide deals and I like her “something” play on words, makes me smile. Go check it out!

I will leave you to your shopping until tomorrow, I think I will feature some great gifts in the upcoming posts as I search for the most perfect gifts for my loved ones! I am finding it extra difficult this year because I think everyone has everything they want, especially with all these sales, how could one want anymore? What are you getting your friends, whats on your list?



One thought on “Simple Things for a [Cyber] Monday

  1. Hey, that’s me! Thanks hun! Also, starting the day with candy and shopping should be mandatory, and I think we need to have a discussion about our undying love of Mad Men— if weddings were a TV show, I’d want mine to be Mad Men.

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